Whether it's the BioGown® or another Terraloam product, the process is always the same. After use, we do all the work - at no additional charge.

How It Works

Harvest & Manufacturing

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Collected for Compost

Facility Use

Carbon Neutral Delivery

Our Customers Explain it Best

We deliver the product to your facility on a schedule that works for you.

After use, dispose of them in the appropriate bins.

2. Product Usage

1. Product Delivery

Straightforward and Easy Implementation

Select the Full Loop option and place used gowns or bags into our bins. We deliver bins and handle pickups without any extra charges. Alternatively, you can opt for the Half Loop option and simply discard Terraloam products as regular waste. 

Over 3 to 4 months, your used BioGowns or bags are commercially composted, turning them into nutrient-rich soil that is free of contaminants.

4. Composting

3. Disposal Plan

5. Giving Back

Your fresh soil nurtures community gardens and can also be generously donated to local farmers, promoting sustainability and improving the livelihood of your community.

Using your soil, we will grow and deliver fresh flowers to your facilities.

Flowers for Your Patients

Enrich the health of your landscaping or gardens for the benefit of your organization.

Your Organization's Landscaping

Help support the soil that feeds your community by donating to a community garden.

Local Community Gardens

Where does the soil go? You decide.

Not ready to have your used Terraloam products collected? No problem. Simply dispose of them as regular waste, and they will decompose on their own over a 12 - 18 month period.*

The Half Loop Plan

*Assumes waste is taken to open-air landfill