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Where innovation meets sustainability.

Turn your waste into an asset with sustainable products built for reliability, affordability, and positive impact. 

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An eco-friendly approach that leverages nature for a win-win solution

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Experience the Intersection of Sustainability and Safety. Our fabric is sustainably produced and certified by globally recognized biodegradable certification organizations, adhering to stringent ASTM standards. Embrace the protective blend of nature's process, scientific validation, and American manufacturing excellence with the BioGown® and other Terraloam products.

Certified by the highest industry standards

With our factory on American soil, reap the benefits of a more dependable supply chain.

Constructed from a blend of starch and eco-friendly polymers, our products offer robust protection and performance. Furthermore, they guarantee an impressive shelf life from the date of delivery, assuring you of their reliability and longevity.

Made from Cornstarch

Proudly Made in North America

Manufactered in Charlotte, North Carolina

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