Cost Competitive



Environmentally Certified


Product Details:
  • 17 inches wide by 20 inches tall
  • Drawstring closure using our compostable material
  • Can hold up to 25 pounds
  • Ultrasonically sewn seams

Compostable: Each BioBaggy is fully compostable, transforming into nutrient-rich soil which gives back to the Earth. 

Premium Performance: Designed to mimic plastic patient bags, BioBaggy can hold the same amount of weight as your current bag.

Superior Design: The BioBaggy uses ultrasonic sewing to create strong seams and our one of a kind fully compostable drawstring.

Carbon Conscious: By choosing the BioBaggy, you're actively reducing your carbon footprint by 2.07 KG of CO2 vs plastic patient bags.. That’s a 50% reduction per bag!

Case of 525


Designed as a patient belonging bag in Healthcare environments

Our fabric is home compostable, allowing your customers convenient ways to help the environment

How It Works

BPI is North America’s leading certifier of compostable products, representing governments, industry and academia.

Certified by TUV Austria as 100% compostable in commercial composting facilities in compliance with European Standards (the most strict in the world).

Certified as a Certified BioBased Product by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).


With our factory on American soil, reap the benefits of a more dependable supply chain.

Constructed from a blend of starch and eco-friendly polymers, our Biobaggy offers robust performance, durability and waste reduction. Furthermore, it guarantees an impressive shelf life from the date of delivery, assuring you of its reliability and longevity.

Made from Cornstarch

Proudly Made in North America

Manufactered in Charlotte, North Carolina

The Bundle

The BioGown®

Soiled Linen Bag

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