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Environmentally Certified


Product Details
  • Overhead design for quick donning
  • Thumb loop cuff design to secure sleeves under gloves
  • Made with natural materials to reduce skin irritation
  • Ultrasonically sewn seams

Premium Protection: Designed for optimal protection, it features a breathable fabric that doesn't compromise on safety. 

Comfort Redefined: The BioGown is tailored for unparalleled comfort, featuring a convenient thumb loop and a design that allows for maximum mobility.

Carbon Conscious: By choosing the BioGown, you're actively reducing your carbon footprint by 2.07 KG of CO2 vs plastic gowns.
That’s a 50% reduction per gown!

Case of 100


Designed for:
  • Healthcare Environments (Level 1 and 2 Isolation)
  • Food Processing Facilities (FDA approved)

*All gown types rated to AAMI PB70 Level 3 Fabric Barrier Protection Rating
**Customizable sizing, design and thickness
***Available in multiple colors made with natural dye 

Due to its natural barrier protection rating of Level 3 AAMI PB70, the BioGown® can be a "one SKU" solution for your organization. Choose your donning and sizing based on your specific needs. 

The One SKU Solution

How it all started, from idea conception to the powerful impact today. 

The BioGown Story

BPI is North America’s leading certifier of compostable products, representing governments, industry and academia.

Certified by TUV Austria as 100% compostable in commercial composting facilities in compliance with European Standards (the most strict in the world).

Certified as a Certified BioBased Product by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

BioGown meets ANSI/AAMI PB70 Level 3 barrier protection requirements and conforms to FDA Level 3 isolation gown standards for protecting critical zones, including chest, belt attachment points, sleeves and seams.

Passes US FDA CFR 175.300 for use in food service and meal butchering. 


With our factory on American soil, reap the benefits of a more dependable supply chain.

Constructed from a blend of starch and eco-friendly polymers, our BioGown® offers robust protection while ensuring breathability and comfort for wearers. Furthermore, it guarantees an impressive shelf life from the date of delivery, assuring you of its reliability and longevity.

Made from Cornstarch

Proudly Made in North America

Manufactered in Charlotte, North Carolina


Traditional Plastics

Good for the Earth

USA Manufactured

Customizable Sizing

One SKU Solution

AAMI Barrier Rating

Meets FDA Standards

Slash Waste and Shrink Your Carbon Footprint with BioGown®: This eco-friendly medical gown drastically reduces waste generation while improving soil health. Providing safety for healthcare workers and patients, BioGown® also symbolizes a commitment to a less wasteful, more sustainable planet.

Creating a greener community doesn’t have to cost more.

The Bundle


Soiled Linen Bag

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